Query To undelete Bulk Records

Recently I had Faced This Issue:

My Records More Than 3-lakhs got deleted in Account object while running a query in Developer Console(Execute Anonymous Window)for multiple times.So I thought that I have only one way to  undelete it.By Going in to Recycle Bin undelete Records Individually.so that’s not Fair Idea to do it for More than 3Lakhs of Records.


I got solution that this can be done by Coding.So I ran a query to check whether Retrieved Records are Correct.By running a Code maximum Limit of 10 Thousand Record is Retrieved.So I ran a query for 30+times to undelete the Records Completely.

List<Account> recordToUndelete= [SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE
 IsDeleted = True AND LastModifiedDate = Today LIMIT 10000 ALL ROWS];

//attempt to undelete the records
undelete recordToUndelete;
//To Catch and Display DML Exceptions
catch(DMLException ex)
//To catch and Display Exceptions
catch(Exception e)

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