Error: Invalid Descriptor Format In Lightning Components

Lightning Error

This Error occurs when you leave the space after the double quotes in Lightning Component when Referencing Controller..

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Error: System.Unexpected Exception: field Field_Name __c cannot be grouped in a Query call

How to Identify whether Fields can be Grouped or not ?

Schema.DescribeFieldResult grp = CustomObject__c.CustomField__c.getDescribe();
system.debug('Can CustomField__c be groupable?'+grp.groupable);

This code returns a boolean ,
True indicates that the field can be grouped.
False indicates that it cannot be grouped.

1.Setup  >> Developer Console.

2.Open Anonymous window.

3.change your object and Field name in above code.

4.Execute the code.

5.Check Your Logs.

Anonymous Log


Returns true if the field can be included in the GROUP BY clause of a SOQL query, false otherwise. This method is only available for Apex classes and triggers saved using API version 18.0 and higher.

Considerations When Using GROUP BY:

Allow SOQL GROUP BY on formula fields:

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Lightning is not a Future Anymore!!!

“Lightning in not a Future any more “ This Means “Lightning is Present” you will have start using Lightning from Now Onwards. please be don’t shocked of Title 🙂

Which UI are you using Classic or Lightning..??

Please Don’t Say Classic, This is  time You will have to Switch to Lightning Immediately.Because Personally I feel after using Spring18 Release Org many Features which are mandatory for our day today use Case has been Released.Have you Tested the speed of your Lightning #spring 18 Release Org.Wow I was Astonished about the speed of Lightning compared to Last Release.

Do you want to explore all New Features,Here you Go!!!!!

Sign up for a Spring ’18 Pre-Release Org:

Have You Noticed these Changes in your Environment after Spring 18?


Comparison Lightning


2.Themes and Branding:

You can create up to 300 custom themes.
Chatter External users only see the built-in Lightning Blue theme.

3.Support for Internet Explorer 11 to access Lightning Experience:

Internet Explorer version 11 (IE11) for Lightning Experience extended support is available till December 31, 2020.

4.New URL Format for Lightning Experience:

Current format:   https://<>/one/
New format:          https://<;/lightning/o/Account/home Is Now Lightning Platform:

In 2007, Salesforce launched as core platform technology. Salesforce changing the name to Lightning Platform.It will take some time to see every reference to removed from Salesforce product, but from here it’s Lightning Platform.

6.Mark Report as Favorite to see Quickly:


7.Global search to Find a Folder:

Yes,you can use Global search in order to find Report / Dashboard Folder.

New way to Build and Brand Your Community Faster:


8.Exclude contributions to records when counting points toward reputation levels:

Removed From Community,


9.Page structure(spring18 vs Winter18):

New vs old,

page structure

10.Number of pages that the theme layout is assigned to:

Click To see the List,

community theme

11.Multilingual community:

1.Add community languages and manage their settings when creating a multilingual community.
2.You can also export community content to have it translated and then import it into the community.



RecentlyViewed data is retained for 90 days, after which the data is removed on a periodic basis. You can always export the RecentlyViewed data to save it.

Do you want Recollect FOR REFERENCE and FOR VIEW?

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Spring 18 New Features

Spring 18 New Features and My Favourites:

1.Personalize Your Nav Bar:

personalise nav bar

2.Open Record In New Tabs:

open in new tab

Add To Navigation Menu

3.Themes and Branding:

Create a New Theme for your Company,

Themes and Branding

4.Override Standard button based on Environment:

action override

5.Setup Icons are Darker:

Icons darker

6.Deactivate Org:

Deactivate Org.png


7.User Management settings

1.)Enhanced Profile List Views
2.) User Self Deactivate
3.) Enhanced Profile User Interface.

user Management settings


Path support for Account, Campaign, and Case Object.
Path support for all picklist on Standard Objects that are path enabled.
path using a custom picklist field on the Opportunity object. 

path for case


Create New Record Page and Add Accordion Component.



10.Component Filter:

Display Your Components Based on Filter criteria




Component filter




12.Add Note to Navigation Bar By Shortcut:

Add Note To Nav Bar Shortcut


Sign up for a Spring ’18 Pre-Release Org:

Lightning Experience Roadmap:

Details about More Features on Next Blog ” Configuration & Lightning components 🙂 ”

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Standard App and One App in Lightning Component

What is Standard app?

I’m not gonna explain you with words..But with screenshot 🙂
Some component tag might not work in standard In order to overcome you need to create Lightning Component Tab.

Tags: <force:editRecord/>,<force:recordEdit/>,<force:createRecord/>

Standard App:

standard app

Standard App Output:

standard app output

what is one app?

Create a New lightning Tab and see the output of component like this

One App Output:

oneapp output

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Force:editRecord Lightning Component

You don’t want to create custom edit page modal popup in lightning component.Instead of this you can make use of force:editRecord tag to Open the page to edit the record specified by recordId

By Onclicking of button it redirect to standard Modal popup edit page  in Lightning Component by using force:editRecord.



Pass The Record Id in the Place of  default=”Pass Id” in attribute tag.


This component will not work in standard app.This component will work in one.App.

What is Standalone app?

I’m not gonna explain you with words..But with screenshot 🙂

Standalone App:

Its not standalone app.It is standard app….. Just for me 🙂

standard app

Standalone App Output:

standard app output

what is One App?

Create a New lightning Tab and see the output of component like this

One App Output:

oneapp output

In order to see Output of this code you need Lightning component Tab

Create Lightning Component Tab:

Setup >> QuickFind >> Tab >>Scrolled Down >> Lightning Component Tab >> Click New

Lightningcomponent tab

After Clicking New >> Choose Components >>

new Lightning component

Profile Visibility:

Make This Tab Available for profiles.

profile visibility

In order to see Output of this code you need Lightning component Tab and add Tab to App Manager.

Add Lightning Component Tab To App Manager:

Setup >> QuickFind >> App Manager  >> Choose Lightning App

app Manager


Add Tab To Selected Tabs:

add tab to app


tab out


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